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Thunpath Rena wall art for house S04E36

Thunpath Rena wall art for house S04E36

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The concept of Thunpath Rena, which refers to a group of elephants consisting of a mother, her baby, and the mother's sister or another female elephant. Thunpath Rena is a Sinhala term used in Sri Lanka to describe this specific social arrangement among elephants.

When a baby elephant is born, it requires a significant amount of milk to sustain its growth and development. Sometimes, the mother elephant's milk alone may not be sufficient to meet the baby's needs. In such cases, another female elephant within the group, often the mother's sister or a close relative, will start producing milk as well, even though she hasn't given birth herself. This phenomenon is known as lactation without pregnancy or pseudopregnancy.

The other female elephant in the Thunpath Rena group begins to lactate to support the nutritional requirements of the calf. This cooperative behavior ensures that the baby elephant receives enough milk to thrive, even if its mother's milk production is insufficient.

The Thunpath Rena group is considered to be highly protective of the baby elephant. They exhibit strong bonds and are willing to defend the calf at any cost, even risking their own lives. This group dynamic enhances the survival chances of the young elephant, as the collective strength and cooperation provide better protection against potential threats, such as predators or other dangers in their environment.

The concept of Thunpath Rena highlights the social complexity and cooperative nature of elephants, particularly in the context of maternal care and protecting the young members of their group.

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